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REACH Interdental Brush Extra Tight 0.7mm | Removes up to 30% More Plaque | Special Designed for Gum Protection , PFAS Free | 10 Brushes


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About this item Effective Plaque Removal: Removes up to 30% more plaque. The optimal angle of 14° is inspired from dental instruments. Angled brushes provide75% more coverage and cleans 1.5 times more plaque within the same movement Easier Brush Motion: The 14° helps to remove plaque from hard-to-reach places in a very effective way. 14° eases brushing motion as less movement is needed to reach upper and lower incisors as well as molars Narrower Jaw Opening: Inspired by the secret of the optimal angle of 14°, customers do not need to open their mouths as wide, reducing strain on the jaw and chin Special Gum Protection: Just like professional dental tools, the wires are specially coated for Gum Protection Purpose. Ergonomic Design & Better Hygiene: The Ribbed edge on the handle is ergonomically designed for better grip. Each brush comes with a cap for better hygiene

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Removes up to 30% more plaque. Specially coated wire for gum protection. Ribbed edge for better grip. Each brushes comes with a cap for better hygiene

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