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Privacy Policy

Who Are We:



Data Collection: Comments form details, IP address, and browser user agent collected for spam detection.

Image Upload Caution: Avoid embedding location data. Visitors can extract location data from uploaded images.


Commenting: Opt-in to save name, email, and website in cookies for one-year convenience.
Login: Temporary cookie on login page; discarded upon browser close.
Persistent Login: Login and screen choice cookies lasting two days to one year. “Remember Me” extends login to two weeks.
Article Editing: Additional cookie with post ID, expiring after 1 day.
Embedded Content:

Content Behavior: Embedded content from other websites acts as if visited directly.
Data Sharing:

Password Reset: IP address included in reset email upon request.
Data Retention:

Comment Data: Retained indefinitely for automatic follow-up comment approval.
User Registration: Personal info stored, editable by users, except username. Administrators can access and edit.
Your Data Rights:

Export Request: Account holders or commenters can request exported personal data.
Deletion Request: Option to request erasure of personal data, excluding obligated administrative, legal, or security data.
Data Destination:

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