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Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Dreamy Night Pants, Boys 8-15 years, 10 Count


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Bambo Dreamy Night Pants are discreet, extra soft, and fully breathable Made with an ultra-absorbent core to keep your child dry throughout the night Features a wetness indicator and advanced odor control system Certified eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and dermatologically tested Fits ages 8 to 15 years (77-110 lbs / 35-50 kg)

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Product Description
Bambo Nature Dreamy is a new eco-friendly Night Pant for slightly older children that struggle with bedwetting or are in the last stage of potty training. The overnight pant is ultra-absorbent, and designed to provide an excellent fit, security, and comfort to keep your child and his/her bed dry all night long.¬†Perfect for both at home and at sleepovers, the discreet design is made to look and feel like real underwear with subtle Nordic patterns and colors. With Bambo Nature Dreamy Night Pants, bedwetting will not stand in the way of a carefree and comfortable night’s sleep!

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